Paying off debt with printed money

In Washington, the view is that the banks are to be regulated, and my view is that Washington and the regulators are there to serve the banks. —Spencer Bachus, chairman, House Financial Services Committee

Why can't we just print more money to pay off our nations debt? This sounds like the ultimate easy way to get out of trouble. Well it does not work that way, despite so many governments around the world doing just that. The following videos provide insight to the problems with printing currency.

This video is long but professionally made and makes a complex topic easy to understand.

 Simple and plain video explains negative effects of printing, all the while getting to enjoy his accent.

Here is more on expectations for printing and silver.
This next video discusses the Petro-Dollar (U.S. dollar) and what backs it. What ramifications are there for printing huge amounts of U.S. dollars considering all other nations need to hold on to some in order to by or sell oil.
If countries trade oil with currencies other than the U.S. dollar what is the consequence? The artificial demand created by the oil trade monopoly is why the U.S. dollar continues to have it's value considering the U.S. staggering debt load and excessive printing. Note the comments from a U.S. government official at about the 4 minute mark.
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