Precious Metals Decline Justified?

Please note that I have left this page accessible because the technical low in Silver was achieved in December of 2015, which was about the middle of the massive 6 year long basing or bottoming that the precious metal experienced. 

What is happening to gold (and silver) price. is there just no demand? Has supply expanded to the point that it is overwhelming demand? The reality is the opposite, which does not make much sense considering what the price has done. This video discusses the July 19, 2015 decline and why. (When Ross Norman of Sharps Pixley talks of a bear raid he is referring to illegal price manipulation)

In this clip from BNN, Tres Knippa discusses how we are running out of gold. He also reviews some other issues going on at the end of the video (pay special attention to his comments on Japan). Is there a shortage of physical gold?


Next Paul Craig Roberts has a word about the disconnect between supply and demand of Precious Metals. Notice the links to the supporting documents as they are very telling. click here


Has the bear market and sell off of mining stocks finally coming to an end? See article below.   

Why did precious metals decline in July 2015? This article is telling as to what is going on that seems fishy.

This article comments on the what seems to be the start of it all. Why does it take seven years to give gold back that is being stored unless the gold is not there?

Why did Germany even ask for their gold back?Is there a problem?

Why did someone sell so much gold in April 2013? see also here and here, for more on this same topic.

"In the end all paper money returns to its intrinsic value: worthless" - Voltaire.


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