Retirement Planning Overview

Retirement Planning OverviewIncome used to be easy.  Just purchase a GIC (guaranteed investment certificate) and collect the interest.  Currently the interest on a million dollars is roughly $10,000 to $25,000 per year.  Regardless of how much capital you have, this return will likely be near zero or even negative after inflation.  You do not have to settle for this lack of profit.

Your income can be obtained more tax efficiently yet consistently with the correctly matched investment.  Consider the rent from a building.  Even though the building value can fluctuate, the rent is fairly steady.  This is sort of how investments that can generate a stronger return work.  

Even though interest rates are low in Canada, it does not mean they are low everywhere.  Without exposing yourself to stock market risk, think of safely benefiting from higher interest rates in other areas of the world.  

If instead, you believe the stock market is the better place to be but do not like the risk this entails, there are several options that provide a guarantee you may find suitable.  Downside protection can take various forms, allowing you to remain in your comfort zone while still reaping this higher return potential.

I want to assure you that reasonable retirement income is attainable.  I would like to offer you a value added service for your interest in this topic.  I will make myself available to act as a sounding board. Please understand, you do not need to become a client to take advantage of this service.  The reason I do this is because I became a financial advisor to help people make informed decisions with their financial future.  It’s very fulfilling.  

One of two things typically occurs when going through this process; either I validate for you that your current approach is fundamentally solid, or I reveal a few minor flaws that you might want to consider adjusting.  As you know, minor adjustments can often lead to major improvements down the road.  Either way, I will make myself available and ensure that this is a great investment of your time.